How do I access mysnhu email account?

What is mysnhu?

mysnhu is an online college degree program that offers flexible, affordable and high-quality credentials. A personalized website makes it easy for you to learn about different careers and explore hundreds of online classes.

What is the mysnhu Learning Model?


The  Learning Model is design to help you get the most from your mysnhu experience, deciding what’s best for you is easy and it starts with selecting the mode of learning that best suits your needs. There are six different types of learning in the model: self-directed learning, independent study, hybrid courses, blended courses or lectures, and many different

Accessing your email account

If you’re not a student, please sign in with your MissouriNet email and password. Password provides access to your email account.

How to get started with mysnhu

You can sign up for a free trial. Once you’ve tried out, you can then open and use one of our Start Plans for $29 or pay for another plan if you enjoy your experience and want to access more of our content.

How do I access my account?

Please sign in  mysnhu to  with your username and password, or create an account. You can always access your account by navigating to

Sign into mysnhu

If you sign in to  for the first time, select “New Student” so we can help you get start.

Types of mysnhu Learning Models

There are numerous types of SNHU learning models. Some people remix their courses, while others take classes with SNHU’s team of professors. Individuals will then spend weeks or months fine-tuning their degree or certificate goal.

Benefits of changing your learning model

You’ll get a different kind of experience . We have different learning models in order to accommodate universally diverse learners. One of our options is the Self-Paced model, which lets you learn at your own pace and will never leave you behind on assignments or courses!

How to change your learning model (different from what you selected)

For individual courses, you might want to change your learning model. You can edit your profile and select a new learning model from any course. To create a new course in which the learning model differs from your current one, enroll in the course so that it is assign to your profile and change the Learning Model option on the webpage.

How does mysnhu respond to a security incident?

Each  account is protected with two-factor authentication, meaning that we’ll only be able to authenticate the account if you provide an email address and device information. If you experience any suspicious activity or unauthorized sign-ins on your account.


What is, is a great information-rich educational company with a focus on helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. Each of our employees are dedicated to providing individualized customer service.

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