What is a yklwa?

How To Make British yklwa


British yklwas are made from a single piece of hardwood that is about a foot long and half a foot wide. The haft is usually made out of another hardwood, and the blade is typically around two feet long. There are several different ways to make a yklwa, but the most common method is to cut two pieces of wood so that they are slightly wider than the blade and then join them together with a wedge.

What is a yklwa?

A yklwa, pronounced YICK-ul-wah, is a simple melee weapon that is the traditional weapon of Chultan warriors. It is made from an old bone that was sharpened on one side. Sometimes it was worn in a belt or added to a shield.
How are yklwas made?
How are yklwas made?
A yklwa is traditiona make of two piece of wood that are carve out and joine together with a wooden dowel. This dowel is then insert into a hole drill into the handle. The end of the handle has a hole drill through it where cord was attach to make the carry loop.

What is the History of the Yklwa?

Chultan yklwa originated in the land of Chult and date back to around 50,000-30,000 years ago. The weapon can be use as a club or a blade and was make from wood with a stone head at one end. In combat, they were often wield by warrior while they ran toward their opponent until they were close enough to use the weapon as a stub device.

Where to Get Materials for Making a Yklwa

The material need to make a yklwa are  in many games. However, this is also the reason why it’s so deadly.  To make your own, you’ll need to use some string and wood scraps to form a blade with a hook on one end. The hook can be form by use wire and scissor.

Tools Needed for Making a Yklwa

A round, straight piece of fire hardened steel. A piece of flint or any old tool that can be use to sharpen it. The process is more complicated than that, because each implement has a specific function in the crafting and structure of the weapon, but this is the broadest requisite.

Tips for Successful Crafting

Crafting with yklwa is very simple. You just need to follow these five easy steps: 1. Gather your raw materials. 2. Separate the colors of the supplies from a group of animals (wood, bone, hide, or scale). 3. Place each type of material in separate stacks on one side of the yklwa crafting mat and leave a gap for the final step. 4. Complete your weapon by placing the finished product on top of the other ingredients

How to make a yklwa

There are four materials you will need to make your yklwa, these are; wood dowels or a small piece of bamboo for the grip, a circular piece of leather for the grip, and split round leather strips that can fit between the shafts, and copper wire to wrap in tight around the grip.

Chultan Warrior Life and the Yklwa

In Chultan warrior life the yklwa and everything else becomes weapons of war. The violence of warfare makes all non-skills useless and causes the warriors to depend on their sharpened blades.

Are there any modern day uses for this weapon?

It would be difficult to find any modern day use for this weapon, since it is a troph of the Chultan native, who was know in his time as the most skill and dead warrior. Once an opponent is severe wound by a yklwa, they are rend help.


The yklwa is a traditional weapon of the Chultan people and has a long history stretching back over 800 years. Its design changes with every generation, even though certain design elements remain consistent.

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