How To Understand duotrigordle


duotrigordle is a more challenging kind of Wordle for real word puzzle lovers. Now, instead of guessing just one word, you must guess two words that make a duotrigordle. This is a great way to expand your vocabulary and challenge yourself at the same time. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play, and it’s easy to use. Just type in two words and the app will create a  out of them. You can also share your  on social media or with friends, so everyone can have a fun time guessing them.

How to play duotrigordle


There are two ways to play duotrigordle. You can either click on the “Single Word” tab and choose a single word, or click on the “Complete Columns” tab to complete the chosen columns.

Tips and Tricks

We have tried to make it a little more challenging for our users by giving you more than one word, but we have tons of tips and tricks that will help you. Check out the Help section and start clicking your way to success!

Pros and Cons of the game

In addition to the fun and challenging aspects of Wordles, players can test their vocabulary with particular language. If you are looking for a new kind of wordle – try out our game!

The Benefits of duotrigordle

With duotrigordle, you have to guess 2 or 3 words in order to hear the whole sentence. You might also like our sister app WolframAlpha, which helps with question answering and knowledge exploration.

Game Play and Rules

The game consists of a grid with a single word in the center and surrounding words that are either linked to the center word or are like it of various degrees. At the start, there will be four wildcards in each square. The objective is to link all your words to surrounding words.

Some ways to make duotrigordle more difficult

You can make duotrigordle more difficult by picking a longer list of words from the ‘Words to add’ (e.g. “computer” to “computer science” to “computers”) and by randomly choosing a word from a list of words.

Break Down the Puzzle

We have a section on our site called ‘The Puzzle Master’s Guide’ where you can learn how to make a puzzle and more.

The Difference Between a Puzzle and Wordle

A wordle is a visual representation of a single text and includes the words of the document, whereas a puzzle involves all possible selections for the shortlist. A wordle would only show one word as opposed which will give about 6-8 options for each selection you make.

How to solve a duotrigordle

The key to solving a duotrigordle is actually what goes wrong. Always first look at the letters that were not repeated, then look for an alternate word to form a duotrigordle . If you can’t find one or your idea falls short, just restore the original order by using the corresponding arrows to undo them.

Why you might enjoy duotrigordle

For example, if you’re stuck on the word “golf,” duotrigordle can help you get unstuck by having you guess five words in a row (golf, putt, hole, course and score)


duotrigordle is different from the original Wordle in that it puts two words into one puzzle.




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