"Trooper Andrews: The 'Simmering Ambition"

Trooper Andrews: The “Simmering Ambition” That Transcended Every Sport


Trooper Andrews was born in 1924 and enlisted in the Navy at age 17. After serving in WWII, he became a policeman. In 1970, he began to compete in long-distance running, and after a few years he decided to compete in the Boston Marathon. He ran it 5 times before finally winning it (in 1978). He also ran the New York City Marathon 4 times, the London Marathon 3 times, and the Tokyo Marathon 2 times.

“Trooper Andrews: The ‘Simmering Ambition”

“Trooper Andrews” is a biographical novel that centers on the experiences of a Navy sailor named Jack Andrews during the Second World War. The book gives an inside look at what life was like for a seaman during WWII and how it compares to life for today

What originally made Trooper Andrews want to be a part of war?

What originally made Trooper Andrews want to be a part of war?
What originally made Trooper Andrews want to be a part of war?
The thing that has caused me to always be in the service is my sense of patriotism. I have a deep sense of affection for my country, and it has not changed since coming out of service.

How do he and his comrades feel about participation in the Vietnam War?

The subject of the Vietnam War is often a difficult one, and people who were present at this time are often not comfortable speaking about it. He was comfortable speaking about his service in the military as he had done so before. He wanted to share his point of view, how it feels to fight for your country, for freedom.

Trooper Andrews Early Life

His parents were both Scottish and hence his name. He was born in Brooklyn, New York to two mother’s. His father abandoned him and his mother at a young age (source 1). He was beaten by the local kids for acting differently and for being a ‘freak’.
Putting this energy into studying can really help you create a better life for yourself.

College Life and Professional Sports

Sports should not replace family, school and friends. Rangers like  have so many amazing things to do with their time. Talk to them about the joys of college life, whether it’s a college near them or other things. Ask them if they have any advice for people who are trying to balance that love of sports and academics.

Military deployment in Korea

The North Koreans risked sending their troops and tanks across the peninsula to capture Seoul. The Americans, South Koreans and Chinese stopped them with a fierce battle that lasted for a week.

Playing Professionally in the NFL

Playing professionally in the NFL is a dream, but it is not always a reality. There are many hurdles, but with the right preparation and discipline you can give yourself the best chance possible. Remember to appreciate every game for what it is and to treat all opponents as equals.

Younger Years

The younger years  were hard as a growing boy. He spent a lot of time working with his father running the farm on his family’s land. This meant that Trooper had to stay busy to protect the plants and animals from predators.


Some people love him and some people hate him.

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