Ukraine Claims New Push

Ukraine Claims New Push In Russian-Held Region Kherson


Ukraine has claimed a new push in Russian-held territory in the southeast region of Kherson, according to reports. The so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” began on September 8, with Ukrainian forces pushing into the town of Novorossiysk and the surrounding area.

Ukraine Claims New Push In Russian-Held Region Kherson

Ukraine Claims New Push In Russian-Held Region Kherson Ukraine has claimed a new push in Russian-held territory in the southeast region of Kherson, according to reports.

Ukrainian officials have said they are targeting pro-Russian militants and weapons caches.

Russia has condemned the operation as an attempt by Kiev to gain control over regions that it considers to be its own. Russia has also warned that it is prepared to respond militarily if necessary.

Ukraine has announced a new push into the Russian-held region of Kherson,

in an apparent effort to expand its territorial control.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims that Ukrainian forces have liberated several settlements from the Russian occupation,

and are now advancing towards the regional capital, Kherson.

However, this move comes as part of Ukraine’s broader strategy to reassert its control over its eastern borderlands. Earlier this year, Ukraine began a military campaign in support of the separatists fighting against the Russian government in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Expects More Battles in East Ukraine
Ukraine Expects More Battles in East Ukraine

Ukraine is expecting to see more battles in the East Ukraine region as Russian-backed separatists continue to fight against government forces. According to The Telegraph, President Petro Poroshenko has said that Russia is “provoking a civil war” in Ukraine and that he expects the conflict to continue for many years. Poroshenko also said that he plans to increase military spending by 10 percent next year to support the struggling government forces.

Since the start of the conflict in East Ukraine, over 10,000 people have been killed and over 25,000 have been injured. The Ukrainian military has been successful in retaking several key cities from the separatists, but the battle continues.

Russia Blocks UN Security Council Resolution on Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Claims New Push In Russian-Held Region Kherson

Ukrainian forces have made a push into the Russian-held region of Kherson, according to Ukrainian officials. Russia has been accused of backing the militants in eastern Ukraine.

Russia Builds Up Military Presence in Crimea

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014, the Russian military has steadily increased its presence in the region. According to a report by the Defense Intelligence Agency, Russia has “maintained a sizable military presence in Crimea” since 2014 and has “worked to expand that presence.” In April, the Russian military reportedly deployed surface-to-air missiles on two Crimean islands. The deployment follows Moscow’s decision to send troops and naval vessels to the region.

The Russian military’s increased presence in Crimea has raised alarm bells for NATO members who fear that Moscow may attempt to create a land bridge between mainland Russia and the peninsula. NATO has also expressed concern about Russia’s plans to build a new airbase on one of the Crimean islands. The airbase would give Moscow a strategic advantage over NATO members located near the Russian border.

The United States Focuses on North Korea

Ukraine is claiming that they have made a new push into the Russian-held region of Kherson. This comes as Ukraine continues to face an ongoing conflict with Russia over the border region of Crimea.

Ukraine Claims New Push In Russian-Held Region Kherson

The Ukrainian military claimed a new push on Wednesday in the Russian-held region of Kherson. The military said they have retaken three villages from the Russian-backed separatists since the beginning of May.

Ukrainian Troops Take Control Of Border Bridge With Russia

Ukrainian troops have taken control of a border bridge with Russia after a three-day battle, the Ukrainian military said on Sunday.  The seizure of the bridge comes as Ukraine and Russia hold talks in Minsk aimed at ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Threatens War If Russia Does Not Release Captured Soldiers

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has threatened war if Russia does not release captured soldiers in the Crimea region, claiming that Moscow is “taking advantage” of the situation. Poroshenko made the comments during a speech to Ukrainian troops in the city of Vinnytsia on Saturday. He also said Ukraine would “fight until the last man” to regain control of the peninsula. Meanwhile, Russian media reports that two more Ukrainian servicemen were killed in clashes with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Saturday. According to Reuters, one soldier was killed and another injured after their column was attacked near the town of Slovyansk.

Kiev Declares State of Emergency In Russian-Occupied region

Kiev has declared a state of emergency in the Russian-occupied region of Kherson,

according to a statement published on the government website.

The move comes after Moscow increased military presence in the region and refused to comply with the latest peace agreement between Kiev and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

The state of emergency will allow Kiev to deploy more troops and police to the area. It also allows for restrictions on freedom of movement and speech.

Kiev Announces Plans To Build A Wall Along Border With Russia

The announcement comes as Ukraine remains embroiled in a conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. Kiev has long accused Moscow of supporting the rebels with troops and weapons.

“We need this not only for security reasons, but also to prevent illegal crossings and economic crimes.”

Kiev has already started construction on a series of barriers along its border with Russia, which are currently under construction.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously dismissed calls for Ukraine to build a wall as a pointless gesture. He said last year that it would only make matters worse by stoking tensions between the two countries.


Ukraine has announced a new push into the Russian-held region of Kherson,

The Ukrainian military said Monday that its troops had recaptured

Two villages from separatist forces in eastern Ukraine and were now attacking other strategic positions.

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